Many pilots dream to fly an Extra 300 during airshows but Aerobatic is not only overpower aircraft flying low and fast. Aerobatic is also energy management with underpower aircraft able to make some beautiful maneuvers. Aerobatic is a safe practice for any pilots looking for a new goal in aviation.

In Canada, no need to get a specific endorsement to practice aerobatic but your insurance may ask you to to follow a training. Also, to carry passengers during aerobatic flight you need 10 hours dual or 20 hours solo. If you want to be safe, best is to be train by an instructor.

Training with your airplane


You have an aerobatic capable airplane and want to learn how to have fun with.


We can teach you on your plane whatever is the type: Citabria, Super Decathlon, Extra, Pitts etc...

Amateur-built aircraft evaluation


In Canada, any amateur-built aircraft or prohibited to practice aerobatic, even the RV series. A notice from Transport Canada (AMA549.101A) allow owner of such airplane to remove this restriction. The aircraft is inspected and evaluated by a qualified pilot then, the authority remove this restriction.


Our pilot meet the requirement to conduct this type of work. If you want to fly aerobatic with your amateur-built aircraft, contact us.


See Flight Test page

Basic aerobatic

In collaboration with Lachute Aviation, we use a Cessna C152 Aerobat. This aircraft is capable of any positives g maneuver like loop, aileron roll, cuban 8 and many more. Within ten hours of dual instruction you will be able to make it yourself with a great level of safety and fun.


If you look for a coach for future competition or advanced training, we can refer some of the best acro pilots in Canada.