Aviation RL (ARL) has worked on many projects. We focus on safety and our goal is to ensure a professional results that provides 100% satisfaction. Here is some of our work.
BushCaddy L164


This BushCaddy is one of a kind. Equipped with a LOM 337c engine producing 250Hp, the flying quality and performance have to be tested. A flight test program have been made to meet the handling quality and stability/control required for a safe operation.

Aerobatic Training on a Warbird


Our customer was looking for an aerobatic side-by-side aircraft. He found this beautiful Fucke Wulf FW149D. After appropriate training on type for insurance requirement, our customer contacted us to learn how to perform aerobatic manoeuvers in the plane. He has contacted me and we agreed to start his training.


During the training, he will learn the basic aerobatic figures like the loop, the aileron rool, the cuban eight, and how to handle it all safely and have fun.

Van's RV7a Aerobatic evaluation


Our client owns an RV7a. He contacted us to conduct flight testing to remove the aerobatic restriction. In order to completee this test, we're in the process of getting the flight permit and having the mechanical inspection done as per the AMA549.101A.

In the following months, flight test should have been done with handling quality and control before getting data from flutter tests.

The SAM-LS is an Ultralight Aircraft in the Advanced Category


Aviation RL (ARL) worked with SAM AIRCRAFT to complete the flight test program established by the LAMAC and TC. From the first flight of the prototype to the certification, we completed the program in 25 hours during which we were able to confirm the numbers, the handling quality, stability&control and the missions for which the airplane was built.