The YAK 52 is a 2 seats version of the YAK 50. The first flight was in 1976. Made for civilian and military market, the DOSAAF trained Russian military pilots on the YAK 52. 1800 have been built, 1200 are still flying and 300 are owned by private owner.

Aviation RL's YAK 52 is an original one imported in USA before being imported to Canada. Built in 1983.  the maximum load factor is +7/-5g. This YAK 52 is equipped with a Vedeneyev M-14p engine and a V530 propeller.


Fly a warbird

Who have never dreamed about flying a warbird? it's now reality!!! If you're a pilot, we offer many programs that will be adapted to request.

- Familiarization on YAK-52

- Basic Type Training for YAK-52 *

- Advanced Type Training for YAK-52 (available soon) *

- 5hr or 10hr training program as per insurance request