Flight Testing




We are specialized in general aviation, amateur-built and light sport aircraft flight testing. We can help you to prepare the flight test plan of your homebuilt or can assist you for major modification on your kit.


Flight test is not an adventure into unknown world without the necessary knowledge. It's a step by step work with great care and a safety oriented preparation in the program.


Take advantage of the 25 hours to comfirm stability&control, performances and handling quality.


For all of our contract, we make a post-flight or complete project report. All data collected during the tests are analysed. This give the pilot a better knowledge of the correction to be made before the program continu.


Do you know: in Canada, all amateur-built (kits) are not approved for aerobatic. Even the Van's Aircraft which are aerobatic (+6g/-3g) in US must be individually test in process to remove this restriction.


Following the TC doc (AMA549.101A), we can help you to do these tests. Because this work is not only making loop and roll with the plane, but more complex test, like the the flutter test have to be done.


We meet the requirement in term of experience, qualification and equipment to complete this test.